My summer goal: training for the Greater Cambridge 10K

We look forward to seeing Jen at the start line of our Greater Cambridge 10K


Goodness, it has been a long time since I wrote anything on here!! I’ve overcome injuries I never thought would go and have taken up new and exciting physical activities including, rather amazingly, the aerial hoop. I’ve finally been able to regularly run 5km again. But one thing I still haven’t done is enter a proper running race.

When I originally set this blog up I was planning on running a marathon. I’m not sure that I’ll ever run a marathon now – simply because I don’t want to risk getting another injury. But I do want to start pushing myself – slowly and sensibly – on the running front. A few months ago, I quietly decided that I would look for a local 10km race to enter. Then a few days later saw THIS outside the Cambridge University Sports Centre, my beloved gym:


This 10K race is organised by Living Sport and is a…

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